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Reasons to work with us

1. Market expertise:

We have been dealing with real estate transactions for more than 30 years, and we focus closely on appropriate market pricing for the real estate we represent. This gives us strong insight into the fair values of transactions on the market today. Through our membership in the relevant associations, we further expand our market expertise. And, every day, we pass on this know-how in consultations with numerous potential buyers and sellers.


2. Neutral intermediation:

Often, we are enthusiastic about a property and its prospects – after all, this is not a job that can be done without enthusiasm. But, unlike the seller, we do not have our “lifeblood” in the property. Especially in real estate transactions, emotions can easily endanger a successful sale. This is where we come in as a neutral intermediary who works objectively and effectively. As broker we are also required by law under the Money Laundering Act to assess the buyer’s credit history and can mediate diplomatically between the interests of seller and buyer with the aim of achieving a win-win result. 
Many times, this arrangement has led to close and lasting business relationships between the transaction counterparties.


3. Experience and expertise:

Brokers have the task of acting as neutral intermediaries and maintaining the necessary distance to each side. Each sale has its own unique characteristics and each sale is a little different, which expands the wealth of experience we’ve gathered. We also keep up to date with legal and tax developments, so that we can inform sellers and buyers about important legal considerations.