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Welcome to Handelsimmobilien Schubert

Are you looking for a long-term, secure and profitable investment? Interested in retail properties with high-quality long-term tenants? You expect quick access to a favourable solution through a competent negotiating partner? Then you’ve made the right choice with Handelsimmobilien Schubert!

For 30 successful years, we have specialised in retail and other high-yield commercial properties, many of which are occupied by long-term tenants. Our decades of experience represent just one of the reasons why you should work with us.

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Carl und Gunda Schubert, founders and owners of Handelsimmobilien Schubert

Our current real estate portfolio

New deals and justified optimism

Contrary to popular opinion, the retail food trade currently finds itself in a growth cycle. The top companies are growing by 1.9% - 3% on average, which is remarkable for brick-and-mortar businesses. Of course, there have been many attempts to break into online commerce, but they have hit up against some hard limits: freshness, uninterrupted cooling in the delivery chain, availability of end customers to accept home deliveries, returns management – plenty of obstacles must still be overcome or present very time-consuming challenges ... > read more


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