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EXPO Real gleanings

To put it positively: Finally again, the Expo Real 2021 was an important trade fair despite the significant decrease in visitor numbers, because - despite greenwashing that can sometimes be seen - it has shown that the major tasks of the future - climate disasters, digitization, the division of the World in rich and very poor - can only be mastered through joint efforts across all areas. For this, the industry traditionally needs its own definitions, "translates" the concerns of Fridays for Future into the industry jargon: ESG (Environment, Social, Governance).
Especially in the area of ​​environmental degradation and climate change, the industry has enormous potential for change, for better or for worse. There is a lot to be done and priorities to be set, which has not yet reached everyone. But it was precisely in the EXPO Real forums that it was stated that the real estate sector is of crucial importance. Helpful for appropriate investments, interest rates are likely to remain low for a while and in this respect there was definitely a mood of optimism, especially in the sector of urban and district development, senior care and helthcare as well as logistics.
However, our retail property and retail tenant presence was clearly underrepresented. The Anuga taking place at the same time in Cologne (70,000 visitors, exhibitors from 98 countries) was probably the more important trade fair for the trade. Only 2 trading groups were exhibitors and also here with a reduced workforce. There were simply no spectacular large-scale projects to report. We can confirm from experience: the industry focuses on day-to-day business and there is a lot to do in terms of (including ecological) modernization.
We noticed: little supply, still strong demand! Prices stable high to rising, risk of bubbles not foreseeable across the board. Ask Schubert for more information.

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Retail real Estate deals show justified optimism

The retail food trade is still growing. The number of potential new retail properties however is limited as planning permissions for new shops are very restrictive because retail coverage is good in Germany. Consequently the solution is  quality.  All of the relevant retailers invest a lot in upgrading their shops or they let the landlords do or pay for it.  So demand and prices rise and will rise in future as well.  Don´t wait, start investing now. > read all about the trends for 2021 here!

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